Dusting off the Past, Designing the Future: The Timeless Tale of Dusty Deco 


Steeped in the sunny splendor of Palma Mallorca, step into the warm and welcoming Apartment of founders Edin and Lina—and discover statement pieces that tell Dusty Deco’s story. Originally from Stockholm, Edin and Lina's journey began with a shared passion for seeking the eclectic, collecting vibrant vintage, and inspiring design on their terms. 

What started as a weekend getaway quickly became a way of life—swapping snowy Sweden for sunny Spain; filling not only their new home, but curious collectors’ as well with truly unique pieces and timeless treasures. The philosophy? Only acquire items they truly loved, fostering a collection with a timeless aesthetic. The design process, unconventional for those without a formal design background, reflects a commitment to creating pieces that echo the enduring love and character found in their personal space. Edin says, "We always had the philosophy about only buying things we loved and wanted in our own house and I think this is something that can be applied here as well, we design things that we really love and want to live with, long term."

Today, Dusty Deco draws inspiration from the tapestry of life itself. Whether it's the rhythm of music, the visuals of a captivating movie, the streets they tread, or the exploration of new cities, each experience contributes to their creative wellspring. The present is marked by a move to the picturesque Mallorca, where the vibrant colors, historic buildings, and the interplay of light and nature have profoundly influenced their aesthetics. The eclectic mix of southern European design from the ‘50s-‘70s, combined with a love for Almodovar's maximalist style, results in an all-encompassing design ethos. Edin adds, “We do love a good contrast and to mix materials and shades. Also proportions. So high and low with thin and chunky are nice mixes and wood with concrete and velvet and fur with a polished marble. It’s all about mixing things we love from different time eras.”

Every day brings new inspiration, and the journey is a delightful mix of fun and bustling creativity. Edin and Lina effortlessly blend classics with contemporary elements, drawing from diverse eras and influences. Their design process, sparked by everyday shapes and textures, results in unique pieces that harmoniously combine materials, shades, and proportions. The Dusty Deco aesthetic, shaped by Mallorca's beauty, captures the essence of their surroundings, creating a seamless blend of the past, present, and future. As Dusty Deco evolves, their collaborations with fellow creatives bring new perspectives and surprises, enriching the brand's vision. The horizon holds the promise of expansion, with dreams of a Dusty hotel, a trendy bar, and maybe even a denim brand. But for now, Dusty Deco is focused on making each day a celebration of creativity, ensuring their brand becomes a vibrant part of eclectic homes around the world.


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