Atelier Alba, a Stockholm-based architectural firm, is devoted to crafting spaces that blend classical elegance with a touch of playfulness—bold yet disciplined.

Their expertise spans private residences, interiors, and furniture design. They specialize in constructing enduring buildings, timeless interiors, and lasting furniture pieces. Atelier Alba holds a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and materials. In an era where craftsmanship often prioritizes appearance over substance, they delve into the intricacies, master techniques, and start from the inherent qualities of materials.

Their approach is initially straightforward and solution-focused, but they are delight in introducing unexpected elements. We aspire for our projects to make a lasting impression, perhaps triggering a sense of familiarity or evoking a cherished memory—a feeling of being "at home."

The goal of Atelier Alba is to design spaces where life unfolds naturally. They strive for clarity in form, a playful exploration of proportions, and a harmonious integration with the everyday and the self-evident.

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